Jeon Ji Hyun confirms that she's in a relationship

On December 29th, J&Co. Entertainment reported, “Like it has been reported in the media, Jeon Ji Hyun is dating. Like any non-celebirty, they were friends before they developed mutual feelings for one another. However, the rumors regarding her marriage plans are not true, as she has not made any decisions or plans to get married in the near future.”

They continued, “We ask that you refrain from releasing exaggerated or distorted stories regarding her significant other, as he is not a celebrity. Please support their relationship.”

Representatives of Lee Young Hee added, “Jeon Ji Hyun and Choi have known each other since they were little and remained friends since then. It is true that they are now dating.”

Netizens were also interested in the brother of ‘Choi’ who was reported to have been an idol. After some digging, they have uncovered that the brother was a member of ‘X-Large’, a 5-member group that debuted in 2001 and disbanded in 2002.

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Rumors surface that Jeon Ji Hyun is dating

Recently, rumors of actress Jeon Ji Hyun dating a banker of the surname ‘Choi’ have been circulating online. Her company, J&Co. has given their response, and asked fans to wait for an official statement.

On December 29th, J&CO.’s CEO Im Yeon Jung revealed, “We’re currently checking on the validity of these rumors, and will have an official statement within the morning. … I personally have never heard of such a story from her.”

CEO Im and Jeon Ji Hyun have known each other since their days in Sidus HQ before setting up their own company in October of 2010.

According to these rumors, ‘Choi’ was born in 1981 and is the grandson of hanbok designer Lee Young Hee. According to insiders, his brother used to be an idol group member. Choi and Jeon Ji Hyun have supposedly already introduced each other to their parents and are dating with the intention of marriage later down the path.

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Jeon Ji Hyun is Ha Jung Woo's wife in 'Berlin'

Top star Jeon Ji Hyun is going to transform into a translator for the North Korean Embassy.

Ten billion won project "Berlin", directed by Ryoo Seung Wan, announced that Jeon Ji Hyun had been cast for the movie in the role of an interpreter at the North Korean Embassy as well as the wife of Ha Jung Woo, a spy who is shunned by North Korea. "Berlin" has a cast of Han Suk Kyu, Ha Jung Woo, Ryoo Seung Bum and many more.

Therefore, Jeon Ji Hyun will be returning to the movie screen right after the movie "The Thieves" by Choi Dong Hoon. The movie she was offered was all made up of highly talented actors and actresses, and in other words, she proved to be one of the best actresses of all time.

Fluent in English due to many language visits abroad, Jeon Ji Hyun is going to take up German for her role in "Berlin". Her role is a well trained elite North Korean agent, quite different from what she has done until now.

source: hancinema

'The Thieves' Finishes Production, "Fun shooting, don't want it to end"

A movie of note, "The Thieves" has finished a six-month shoot covering Macao, Hong Kong, Seoul, Busan and more.

"The Thieves" is a crime-action movie about a five-member Korean gang and a four-member Chinese gang teaming up to steal a diamond called the "Tear of the Sun", hidden in a casino in Macao. The cast includes Kim Yoon Suk, Kim Hye Soo, Lee Jung Jae, Jeon Ji Hyun, Kim Hae Suk, Oh Dal Soo and Chinese actors Simon Yam, Angelica Lee and Derek Tsang.

The last scene was shot in the W Hotel in Seoul on December 7th, with Kim Yoon-seok playing the role of Macao Park. Lee Jung Jae and Jeon Ji Hyun didn't have any scenes on this day, but came and celebrated the wrap together.

Director Choi Dong Hoon said, "I didn't want to say 'OK' on the last cut. I didn't want to end shooting for "The Thieves". It was a fun process. I appreciate all the work the staff and cast did until now".

Those overseas like Kim Hye Soo, Simon Yam, Angelica Lee and Derek Tsang also congratulated the wrap and expressed that they wanted to see the movie soon.

Director Choi Dong Hoon's fourth film, "The Thieves" will be released in summer next year.

source: hancinema

Jeon Ji Hyun Transforms into Audrey Hepburn

New concept photos of Jeon Ji Hyun for her one of her endorsements, café DROPTOP, have been released. The stunning photos of the sexy actress had netizens buzzing since they were published early this morning.

In the photos, Jeon Ji Hyun displayed an elegant aura with a chic black dress and pearls, reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” In the other two shots, she showed off a more cute and playful look with lively expressions. Those who have come across the photos commented, “Absolutely gorgeous,” “Simply beautiful. Enough said,” and “I hope she comes back with a new project soon.”

Meanwhile, Jeon Ji Hyun is busy filming her action thriller “Thieves,” costarring Lee Jung Jae, Kim Hye Soo, Kim Hae Sook, Oh Dal Soo, Kim Soo Hyun, and more. “Thieves” will premiere summer 2012.

source: soompi

LG makes first tribute commercial for Jeon Ji Hyun

LG Household & Health Care made a tribute commercial for model Jun Ji Hyun who has worked as an exclusive model for shampoo over 11 years.

The tribute commercial is a minute-long, and is composed of main scenes from twelve different commercials in which Jun appears. Popular lines such as “You hair is considered as skin to Elastine” and “I’ve done Elastine” are also seen throughout the commercial.

LG Household & Health Care evaluated model Jun’s contribution to be great, in increasing the sales from 2001, the year of its release, to 2004 and keeping no. 1 in the field of shampoo and conditioner in domestic market. Therefore, it directed a tribute commercial for the first time since its establishment for Jun.

LG Household & Health Care expresses its thanks through the lines, “You have made our heart beat with your charms, innocent beauty, and lovely sides. Your presence made Elastine to be loved by so many people. Thank you. We’re always there for you.”

The tribute commercial has been on broadcast since the 1st of December through cable channels. It will be aired over 400 times until January next year.

source:, LGCAREAD @ youtube

Top Stars All Together for 'The Rainbow Project'

Bae Yong Joon, Park Jin Young, Jeon Ji Hyun, Rain, Jo In Sung and Son Ye Jin all together, but why?

Bae Yong Joon, Park Jin Young, Jeon Ji Hyun, Rain, Jo In Sung and Son Ye Jin got together for the kids in Africa.

A charity program called "The Rainbow Project" to help open up the dreams of poor children in Africa allows the stars to donate their personal possessions and share their minds.

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Jeon Ji Hyun Hotter Than a Safari Leopard for Guess

Rawr! Jeon Ji Hyun rocked a Guess Korea photo shoot where she seems like a tigress in an African safari.

The photo shoot was revealed on August 22nd and had Jeon Ji Hyun wearing a leopard blouse and classy black underwear. This all fits in with her jeans that show her naturally sensual and sexy charms.

A representative of Guess Korea stated, "Jeon Ji Hyun showed us all of her talents, the animal look that she is wearing now will become the new trend."

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