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29 December 2011 @ 12:21 pm
Rumors surface that Jeon Ji Hyun is dating  
Recently, rumors of actress Jeon Ji Hyun dating a banker of the surname ‘Choi’ have been circulating online. Her company, J&Co. has given their response, and asked fans to wait for an official statement.

On December 29th, J&CO.’s CEO Im Yeon Jung revealed, “We’re currently checking on the validity of these rumors, and will have an official statement within the morning. … I personally have never heard of such a story from her.”

CEO Im and Jeon Ji Hyun have known each other since their days in Sidus HQ before setting up their own company in October of 2010.

According to these rumors, ‘Choi’ was born in 1981 and is the grandson of hanbok designer Lee Young Hee. According to insiders, his brother used to be an idol group member. Choi and Jeon Ji Hyun have supposedly already introduced each other to their parents and are dating with the intention of marriage later down the path.

source: allkpop


J&CO.'s CEO Im Yeon Jung announced, "Rumors of Jeon Ji Hyun and Choi dating are baseless. I have never heard such story from her. We have no idea how such rumors even surfaced. She's been very busy with work, so what do they mean by marriage plans."

source: hotshotlover30 @ soompi

Info on the guy,

His name is Choi Jun Hyuk, born in 1981, second son of designer Lee Jung Woo. His older brother was a member of the dance group 'XLarge'

source: TVREPORT